Heating system

Heating system

Volta is the official representative of Soft Term heaters in Armenia. These electric heaters have a number of advantages.

  • 30% energy saving.
  • have a 12-year factory warranty.
  • provide soft and comfortable warmth.
  • they are absolutely silent and do not emit odors even when they are started for the first time.
  • have a simple and accessible installation system

Energy-saving electric heaters are designed for clear surfaces. They are available with a classic white lining, as well as wooden and illustrated ones. There are 200, 250, 340, 500 and 800 W heaters.


Heaters can heat any space: residential and service, commercial and office, administrative and technical. Heaters are used as the main and additional heating options.


The durability reserve of materials (or durability itself) enables the heaters to operate for 25 years. The factory warranty of the heaters is 12 years. Heaters are designed for continuous operation throughout the heating season.


Safe hypoallergenic materials are used in the production of heaters. The area is heated with “soft” heat, which has a positive effect on the human body and creates thermal comfort. Heaters operate absolutely silently and do not emit unpleasant odors. The surface of the heater heated to a temperature of 60-68 °C does not dry the air and does not burn the settled dust, which has a positive effect on the air quality and, therefore, on human health.


The heaters have a high degree of protection IP 66, they are protected against dust penetration and direct water pressure. This protection classification allows the heaters to be installed in highly dusty industrial and storage areas, as well as in wet areas such as car washes, greenhouses, etc.


The heaters are attached to the wall with 4 self-tapping screws and connected in parallel in one circuit. The heating system does not require further maintenance